Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Experience optimal performance with advanced security at Plug and Play's Data Center.

Our dedicated server is fully customizable to meet your individual needs. Rest assure your server will be configured, connected and up in no time.

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Plug and Play Dedicated Server Hosting

Your dedicated servers will be homed in a state-of-the-art, SOC II compliant data center, with 24 hour security and strict access, so you can be sure you business data is well taken care of.

Dedicated Hosting wo BG

Experienced IT experts and unmatched support.

Our IT experts have a wealth of experience supporting our dedicated server hosting clients. From startups to large enterprises, we work closely with each company to build them the optimal environment, customized to their individual needs. 

Solutions for you

Use cases

  • High traffic websites
  • Storing sensitive information with security or compliance requirements
  • Resource heavy applications
  • Mission-critical applications
  • Companies that are expecting huge growth
  • Websites where fast loading time is imperative